Chico State — 40 Years of Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography

Chico State 40 Years Poster

This year marks the 40th anniversary of graphic design at Chico State. Having graduated from Chico State’s design program I’m happy to be able to return to my former school for the alumni reunion this October. I was even excited to have a homework assignment again! From the Chico Design Reunion site:

Of course, it wouldn’t be school without homework – we’d like you to send samples of your best work to be included in an alumni show and archive. Also, we’re inviting alumni to design a poster commemorating the 40th anniversary.

Pictured above is the poster I designed for the anniversary. I chose to use a bold typographical approach using the copy provided by the school along with a minimalistic illustration of Kendall Hall, the iconic administration building easily recognized by the many repeating arcs in the architecture.

Ideation Sketches and Printouts

Chico State 40 Years Poster Sketches

Poster Variation

Chico State 40 Years Poster Variation

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