Hippo Kisses Logo Design

Hippo Kisses Logo Large in Color
Hippo Kisses is a boutique offering “new and preloved clothing and gifts from the belly and beyond.” The logo needed to appeal to babies, kids and parents with a primary target audience of mothers. The client had a pretty clear idea of how she wanted the logo to look and described a, “hippo (grey or purple) standing upright, wearing old fashioned white bloomers with pink kisses on them, possibly holding a blue old fashioned baby rattle in one hand with an overall feeling that is cute, fun and happy.”

Logo in Black and White

Hippo Kisses Logo Black on White
Hippo Kisses Logo Large in Color

Ideation Sketches

Hippo Kisses Logo Ideation Sketches
Hippo Kisses Logo Ideation Sketches
I began the ideation process by looking at many images of hippos and sketching them in a variety of styles. I simplified the features as much as possible to allow for easy reproduction in a variety of mediums and sizes.

Through the use of curled eyelashes, fluffy bloomers and shirt and a bow on the head the final logo has a feminine quality that will appeal to mothers. The hippo was created in the style of a cartoon character which should help babies and children identify with the logo.

Other Logo Ideas

Hippo Kisses Logo Idea
Hippo Kisses Logo Idea
Hippo Kisses Logo Idea
Client Testimonial
“I have really enjoyed working with Max and love the logo he designed for my business.”
—Juliana E Hall

Logo Color Ideas

Hippo Kisses Color Options

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