Quick and Easy Thank You Cards

Fire Truck Thank You Cards
My son recently had his second birthday. Since he is obsessed with anything having to do with fire trucks we threw him a fire truck party. We had many red decorations, fire truck cupcakes, fire truck party favors and I even made fire trucks for my son and his friends out of card board boxes.

When it came time to send thank you cards for all the wonderful gifts my son received my wife asked if we could make our own. Following are the steps we took to create our own personal cards without spending much effort or time. And now that we have a two-year-old son we can use all the extra time we can get!

Fire Truck Thank You Cards
Step One
We had some old bristol board in the garage and decided to use it for the cards. This is a great material to use for cards, but I could have just as easily used card stock, poster board or any other kind of thick paper.

We also had 5×7 inch envelopes, so I cut the bristol twice as large as the envelopes so they would fit inside when folded in half. But I had to keep in mind the card should actually be slightly smaller than the envelope so that it would easily slide inside.

To do the cutting I used an X-Acto blade guided along a metal ruler. Self-healing cutting mats make great surfaces to cut on, but I’ve used old card board in the past when I didn’t have one around. Once I had one card cut out I used it as a guide to easily measure and cut the rest of the cards.

Step Two
Next I scored the card to ensure it had a nice, straight fold. To do this I measured to find the exact middle of the card then, using the metal ruler as a guide again, dragged my X-Acto very lightly across where I wanted the fold to be making sure not to cut all the way through. This allowed me to fold the card in half very easily.

Step Three
I used a Pilot Rolling Ball pen to quickly draw fire trucks on the front of the cards. I have many different types of pens, but I like the feel of the rolling ball and it was perfect for the look I was trying to achieve. I spent about a minute on each card, giving each truck it’s own unique look but keeping the illustrations fairly simple to save time.

Step Four
My wife had a “thank you” stamp which she used on each of the cards with black ink. The “thank you” gave the cards that final touch that brought everything together. The cards could have been finished at this point, but we wanted to get our son involved. He was more than happy to help out!

Fire Truck Thank You Cards
Step Five
To add color I considered colored pens, watercolor paints, colored pencils and highlighters. I decided to give my son different colored highlighters to add his own artistic touch to the cards. As you can see below he really got into it!

My Son’s Own Artistic Touch

Fire Truck Thank You Cards

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