Super Kids Cape

The Cricket Company sells kids’ haircutting capes and periodically updates the line with a new cape. When Cricket wanted to produce a new kids’ cape I explored many ideas, and we chose to use a comic book/super hero theme.

Super Kids Cape Packaging
I found inspiration for the cape in the typographical sound effects found in super hero comic books. After creating several of my own, I used them to make a vector pattern in Illustrator. We sent the pattern artwork to the factory making the capes, and I photographed models wearing the capes when they were finished.

Super Kids Cape Pattern
Next I began work on the packaging. There were a some constraints when designing the packaging for this cape. The packaging needed to have the purple gradient, show models in a specific manner and follow typographic guidelines I had set up for all the Cricket apparel product lines.

Super Kids Cape Packaging
All other Cricket apparel boxes have a die cut window on the side to reveal the actual product inside. I wanted to do something different for the Super Kids Cape since this product was not like the typical haircutting cape. I used the idea of a super hero mask with eye holes cut out to give customers a peek at the actual cape inside. Below are several other mask designs I explored.

Super Kids Cape Packaging Mask Variations
The back of the box has a full shot of the model to better show how the cape will look with a kid wearing it. The strap from the mask on the front wraps around to the back of the box helping to tie the overall design together.

Super Kids Cape Packaging
I used elements from the typographic style of the cape pattern to create the logo. The 3D letters, slanted orientation and colors add a playfulness to the logo helping customers see this product as something geared towards children.

Super Kids Cape Logo
Super Kids Cape Logo
The cape store display follows the design of the packaging using the same colors and imagery.

Super Kids Cape Packaging Display
I designed the sales sheet to look like a comic book cover. Below left is the actual sales sheet, and the sheet on the right is an alternate version.

Super Kids Cape Sales Sheet Designs
Super Kids Cape Packaging Dieline

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