The Natural Pages Book Design and Production

Natural Pages Covers.
The Natural Pages is a community-minded publication dedicated to personal, community and planetary health. The company publishes eight books twice a year in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island. Contents include: articles, a natural food restaurant guide, a calendar of events and a resource directory for natural living.

I began working for the Natural Pages as an ad designer. Over the course of five years I took on many responsibilities which include: book layout and design, creating and maintaining brand identity, design of marketing collateral, ad design, cover and inside art illustration, in-house forms, making corrections during production of the books, technical problem solving, creating email lists and marketing emails using Streamsend, organizing and keeping track of all design files and communicating with clients, sales reps, printers and other designers. Additionally I redesigned the publications to stay current with design trends and improve readability, and efficiently used space to lower printing costs. I also redesigned the Natural Pages brand identity giving a consistent look to marketing materials and improving brand recognition. By the end of my time with the Natural Pages I was the head designer in charge of all graphic design and production of the Natural Pages books.

Natural Pages Publisher's Rant and Contents
Natural Pages Natural Living
Natural Pages Natural Living
Natural Pages About and Soapbox
Natural Pages Directory
Natural Pages Restaurant Guide
Natural Pages Calendar
Natural Pages Building Naturally Article
Natural Pages Farmer's Markets
Natural Pages Advertise in the North Bay Natural Pages
Be Included in the Long Island Natural Pages
Natural Pages Glossary
Natural Pages Index

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