Double Jointed ProClips Packaging Design

Cricket’s Double Jointed ProClips are hair styling clips designed to hold a large amount of hair. I designed the graphics for the clip’s packaging as well as the die cut window to show the clips.

Double Jointed ProClips Packaging
I chose a black package to match the black clips and give them a sleek look. I tried various die cuts to show the clips in the packaging. I wanted to have the clips clearly visible while also using an interesting shape.

Double Jointed ProClips Packaging Color Tests Mock Ups
I built mock ups of several different designs from card stock to get a better idea of how the packaging would look in real life on the shelf. Viewing all these mock ups together with my team helped us figure out what color combinations and layouts we felt would best sell the product.

Double Jointed ProClips Packaging Color Tests Mock Ups
During the design process I did quick sketches of ideas to see if something would work before spending too much time trying all of my ideas digitally.

Double Jointed ProClips Packaging Sketches
I illustrated three stages of the clip opening and closing on the back of the box to show how the double jointed system works.

Double Jointed ProClips Packaging
The inner card that holds the clips inside the box is a bright blue to make the black clips pop. I also included an abstract pattern of hair to relate to the product’s purpose and to add visual interest.

Double Jointed ProClips Packaging
The blue from the inner card is carried through to the typography on the rest of the package helping to tie all design elements together.

Double Jointed ProClips Packaging

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