Life Shears

This project involved designing a logo for a new brand of Cricket haircutting shears and designing graphics for product packaging as well as the shear display.

Life Shears Packaging
Cricket’s Life Shears tagline is, “Shears for Life.” If, at any point after you purchase the shears, you ever feel you need new ones, Cricket will send you a new pair for a small fee. I wanted to convey the idea of shears that will last for life in the logo design.

Life Shears Logo Sketches
I began the logo design by doing some loose sketching to get ideas flowing. I explored many options, some purely typographic, and others using marks. The one idea I kept coming back to was that of an infinity symbol. This symbol seemed to get across the idea of lifelong shears quickly and effectively. From there it was just a matter of trying different variations for the symbol and combining it with different typefaces to see what worked best.

Life Shears Logo
Life Shears Logo
Next we sent the logo to the shear factory to have them print it on the knobs. When the printed shears arrived, I photographed and processed them and began work on the packaging. The front of the boxes has a close-up image of the shears to draw the customer in. The infinity symbol is repeated large in the background to add visual interest.

Life Shears Packaging
A full product shot is shown on the back of the packaging to give the customer a clear picture of what they are buying.

Life Shears Packaging
I then carried the graphic style designed for the packaging over to the display, keeping the look consistent and reinforcing the branding. The finished project offers a clean design which clearly shows the product and conveys the message of “Shears for Life.”

Life Shears Display

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