Route 66 Barber Apparel Packaging Design

Most of The Cricket Company’s hair stylist apparel is designed for women. With Route 66 Cricket developed a barber style jacket along with a brand to market hair styling products more directly to men. I was responsible for coming up with a look and feel for this new brand and for designing packaging for the barber jacket.

Route 66 Barber Apparel Packaging
I began work with the Route 66 logo. The obvious design choice was to incorporate a version of the Route 66 sign. I added wings to the sign giving a nod to biker culture as wings are often found in biker imagery such as jackets, tattoos or air brushed motorcycle art. The biker theme relates to the Route 66 name and helps the logo achieve a classic look. To tie the logo into the barber world I included haircutting shears and a comb below the sign.

Route 66 Barber Apparel Logo
Route 66 Barber Apparel Logo
I wanted to bring a classic and masculine look to the jacket packaging. The dark wood grain pattern brings this masculinity to the box. The border design, seal of approval and graphical embellishments all add to the classic look.

Route 66 Barber Apparel Packaging
Using the brush tool in Adobe Illustrator and my Wacom tablet, I drew the barber jacket for the back of the box to clearly show the 3 pockets.

Route 66 Barber Apparel Packaging
I explored a variety of different looks while working on the packaging. Below is the dieleine and artwork for an alternate idea.

Route 66 Barber Apparel Alternate Packaging Design

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