Static Free Comfort Collection

The Static Free Comfort Collection is an extension of the Static Free line of hair brushes developed by Cricket. The Comfort Collection adds extra large ball tips for comfort. I was responsible for giving the new line it’s own look while keeping it recognizable as part of the overall Static Free brand.

Static Free Comfort Collection Packaging
Our team’s goal with this line was to convey the soothing and comfortable experience of using these new brushes. To do this I chose imagery and colors one might find when visiting a spa.

Static Free Comfort Collection Packaging
The outside of the packaging contains the main selling points. The inside of the packaging, viewable when removed from the brush, contains additional information about the brand, giving customers confidence in their purchase. The graphics on the packaging are carried through to the display.

Static Free Comfort Collection Packaging and Display
The dieline, designed by Fernando Amar, features gentle curves adding to the soothing nature of the product.

Static Free Comfort Collection Packaging Dieline
Design elements from the packaging and display are repeated in advertising and the web slider helping increase brand recognition.

Static Free Comfort Collection Ad
Static Free Comfort Collection Website Slider

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